• Mediumship
    In a reading with me you can expect the unexpected. I never know what or who is going to come through. In a mediumship reading I raise my energy (basically I get sweaty and talk a mile a minute) while spirit lowers their energy and we blend our energies somewhere in the middle. Messages come through as images, sounds, smells, tastes (yes tastes) and sometimes even physical symptoms. Sometimes what makes absolutely no sense to me might be the biggest validation you could have asked for. Because of that I always give you everything I experience. Sometime clients experience ‘psychic amnesia’ which is where you have no idea what I’m talking about during the reading but an hour or a day or week or month later- it hits you! Duh! THATS who she was talking about! This happens ALL the time and I love hearing back from people that looked at me like I was crazy at the time. Unfortunately though, I have no control over who comes through. But I can tell you, you always hear what you need to at that time.