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A bit about me.

I’m a lot of things. Kinda hard to define, but here I go.

I'm a mom of 3 weirdos, an eternal entrepreneur - I own a holistic collective in Sherwood Park, Alberta (Canada, yes its cold here). I live in the country but love a good high-rise (NYC is my fave place on earth) I’ve done nails for half my life and I see dead people!

You read that right. Im a Spiritual Medium and Soul Coach.

Think -Theresa Caputo and Gabby Bernstein (my faves, obviously) all mixed into a mom with a Canadian accent, eh?

My passion is helping women (moms are my jam but i’m not exclusive) reconnect to the part of them that got lost in the hunt for the perfect life. I love teaching meditation, leading moon circles, giving readings, recommending books and songs and podcasts. I wrote a book that I’ll publish someday.

I believe in love, and magic and mindset and kindness and forgiveness, and I love inspiring others to find their own truth.

I believe if you are here, reading this, we were meant to meet.

So, nice to meet you. How can I help?