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day 1

Today is all about getting clear on goals and making space!

-What is Abundance?

-What are my Intentions for this course? Set a goal!

BONUS - Making room for more!

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day 2

Day 2 is all about self awareness and becoming the witness to the fear based lack mindset that blocks you from recieving.

-What are my limiting beliefs around money?

-Where did these beliefs come from?

-Whats fear got to do with it?

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day 3

Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping

Learn this effective technique that brings stuck emotions up and out, leaving you with freedom to create an abundant life.

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day 4

Today we replace your old limiting beliefs with a new way of thinking. 100 positive abundance affirmations should get you off to a good start.

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Day 5

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Day 7

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Bonus 1 <<<Abundance affirmation meditation>>>

Affirmations are only effective when we allow ourselves to FEEL the energy of the EMOTION of them. They are a great alternative to the limiting beliefs you have rattling around in your head anyway so you might as well give them a go! Get cozy, relax and listen to this Abundance Affirmation Meditation as often as you want!

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bonus 2

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