Hello my loves,

January 1st I was all starry eyed and optimistic about 2019. Ready for a fresh start - the world was my oyster! Everyone online was choosing a word of the year. I encouraged my audience to do the same. I chose: 

F E A R L E S S 

Ohhhhhh  yeah. Lets do this. 2019 - BRING. IT.ON.

Ha. Its only March and I'm drowning in opportunities to practice fearlessness.

But heres the thing... The Universe heard me loud and clear and is meeting me step by step - I chose to embody fearlessness and I'm being handed on a golden (not even silver) platter one thing after another that freaks me out. 

-More people to work with at the studio
-Retiring from my 18 year career in the beauty industry
-A really huge investment in my career as an author 

The good news is I've got some tools. And I've got a mantra that I repeat and helps me when the crazy brain starts chuggin'.


I practice these 3 things daily. We can't be capable of reaching our dreams if we're not confident and we can't be confident if we're not calm. 

I know, nobody ever calmed down by being told to calm down... My teenager reminds me of this every day. 

But honestly, taking a deep breath and repeating this to myself allows me to access that place in my heart, that 'deep down' we all have, and remind myself that I chose fearless as my word because its how I need to BE to achieve all the things I know I'm CAPABLE of. 

And this is WHY I teach meditation. Everywhere you go, people are stressed, overwhelmed, confused, stuck, struggling... etc, etc, etc....

You have to start with CALM and repeat it. Daily.
Every day we are handed opportunities to practice calm. You can't make heart led decisions from crazy brain. Trust me. When you give yourself the opportunity to access your 'deep down' you get to know and trust yourself and then you can make decisions that help you create a life that you are capable of living and loving.

My dare to you is to actively find CALM in your daily life. Not just when you're freaking out. Start your day with it. Remind yourself when scary stuff comes up that CALM is the first step.

I have a few meditations on my website here