Spirit Knows.

Sometimes doing readings can be challenging.
The challenging part isn't reading the clients energy or channeling spirit - the challenge is delivering messages the client NEEDS to hear vs what they want to hear. I see people all the time that have been to reader after reader looking for someone to tell them something that they already believe to be true or to validate their limiting beliefs or bad behavior. (i.e. 'my sister in law is horrible, validate me so I can 'prove' it.)

What some readers and clients don't understand is the MOST important skill a reader needs to hone is personal development and growth. To give our clients our best we need to be our best. We need to put self care of our mind, body and spirit FIRST. I've seen so many readers projecting their own fears and beliefs onto clients and believe it or not, I've done it too. Because I'm human - and because when I first started reading I was shy and nervous and scared to lay it all out the way the messages were coming to me. 

I also learn from every single session. Spirit is smart. When it speaks, we should listen. A couple years ago neither my client or I listened and we both just had a major a-ha the other day that I want to share.

Sandra (not her real name) has been coming to me for Nails for 8 years and ever since I met her she has been chasing money and investors for her business. I don't understand her industry at all other than it is very male dominated and seems super stressful since Sandra always talks about how stressed she is when I see her every 3 weeks. 

A couple years ago when I came out of the broom closet (bad psychic joke), she started asking me at every appointment if I saw money coming to her. I have pretty strict boundaries with spirit and rarely, if ever, read anyone outside a proper reading appointment so I told her I'd be happy to give her a proper reading and a week later we met. 

All I can remember from that reading is telling her that all the symptoms of stress her body was experiencing, back and knee pain, inflammation, chest pain, major anxiety, needed to be addressed before any money would be coming in. In my head the message was loud and clear but she was not having it. She questioned my ability and absolutely would not believe that taking care of herself and putting self care above money, valuing HERSELF, would be reflected back from the universe.

From my perspective, the Universe works like a mirror and needs you step for step. Sandra was showing the universe that money and 'success' = self worth while her body was crying out for love. She literally said to me 'I'll take care of myself when I've got the investors, but until then I need to work hard.' If you are spinning your wheels, telling the Universe you NEED money, the Universe will agree... yes you NEED money. Essentially 'needing' or 'wanting' anything comes from the vibration of LACK. 

You: I NEED _______.
Universe: Yes, you NEED________.

You: I don't have enough _________.
Universe: No you don't have enough _________.

Tuesday afternoon Sandra came in for her usual nail appointment and the first thing she said was "Can you tell? I've lost 35 pounds!" I could tell, but what I could really tell is that her ENERGY was lighter. She didn't seem as stressed as usual and was cheery and smily... not her usual self. 
I told her her energy is totally different, whats changed? She said she'd changed her diet and was just being more consious of what she's consuming. She'd lost a friend recently and was reminded that life is short and you can lose it in a minute. 

Then she told me that she's got multiple offers on the table for millions from investors... things are finally looking up for her company.

I laughed and asked her if she remembered the reading I gave her where I said self care needs to be number one? She got chills and laughed and said 'Holy Crap, Kelsey - you're GOOD!'

When we are in the vibration of lack its so hard to see the solutions right in front of our faces - what we need and desire are PARTS of us. They are not outside of us. The opposite of lack is GRATITUDE and by appreciating her  body and health, she showed the Universe she was valuable without what she thought was most important and therefore unblocked the investors, the VALUE in her company - People who APPRECIATE her and her vision.

This was also a HUGE reminder for me that I need to put my wellbeing, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually before my dreams and aspirations and what *I think* is best for my life. I've got lots of time.

So my question for you is - where in your life could you take better care of yourself and let go of what you are trying to control? What part of your life could use a little lovin? Do you need to forgive yourself for not being perfect? Do you need to set some boundaries? Hows you self talk? Have you seen a vegetable lately?

Let me know if this story sparked any a- ha's for you.


Kelsey Dalziel