Seasonal Depression?

I don't know about you but this is the time E V E R Y year I start getting antsy. Not only antsy but grumpy, restless, frustrated and eventually full out depressed. The first time I heard about seasonal depression I was like, BINGO! Thats totally me! Every year I think I'm gonna skip it but here we are again - 

So I wanted to share a couple things I've been doing to keep myself going until we thaw.

1. Walk my yard. 
I'm lucky to have a big one but 10 minutes out in the fresh air with focused intention on connecting with nature always makes me feel good, no matter how damn cold it is outside.
As a Canadian, I only have a few months to roll in the grass before the white stuff comes and then the routine turns into house-car-work-car-house-costco-car-house-repeat... We can slip so easily into a bad habit of shelter to shelter but our bodies need, crave, love the outdoors. 
When we connect to the earth with the soles of our feet or hands (or any other direct body to earth contact)  we receive negative ions which we need to be grounded... thats why we crave beaches, oceans, mountains, lakes, forests... 
When you take yourself outside, hug a tree (totally serious). While you're there, tell the tree all your problems. It'll listen without judgement and you can get all your grumps out.

2. Sleep
Bears hibernate. Why can't we?? I know in the long winter months  all I wanna do is snuggle up and sleep. Making sure you get a good 8 hours with minimal screen time before bed is highly underrated... try it for a week and check back...

3. Sweat
Not gonna lie.. I don't love exercise but I swear by a light upper lip sweat E V E R Y  S I N G L E   D A Y. My go- to is a 20 minute dance party, at least once a day but it usually happens 3-4 times. Make a play list of songs you can't help but move your bod to and grab a friend. Otherwise find some other form of cardio you don't hate and go for it.

4. Meditation (duh)
You know I love a good meditation sesh and lately I've been going for gold with ONE HOUR sessions. You don't have to do this but I promise after 4 years of regular practice it will be N O T H I N G.... and yes, I DO have the time - cause I've been cutting down on screen time BIG time. And it feels amazing. If you want to try out a meditation click here!

Notice all my suggestions give you the chance to listen to and connect with your body - we really need to make an effort to get out of our heads. Let me know how these things work for you! 

Stay warm, we're almost there!

XO Kelsey

Kelsey Dalziel