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Story time:

Back before I was a professional Medium and just testing out the intuitive waters, I used to check in with the Universe for E V E R Y T H I N G. I felt like I couldn't make a decision without consulting my giant new BFF. 
One day my mom suggested instead of just attending a local psychic fair, I ask to read at it. 

Que imposter syndrome.

Am I good enough? What if spirit no-shows? Do I have to come out of the broom closet? Will Justin Timberlake still accept me when we meet? 

So I decided to do what I always did... I asked the Universe or my Spirit Guides or whoever could help me out for a sign. (Grandma? Are you there?)

If I was to accept money for readings, to become a professional psychic medium, I would need to see a specific sign. And within 24 hours. I needed to confirm my table at the fair. I chose they most typical sign to choose. A white feather.
I wrote my request down, feeling like it was only serious if on paper (like a real contract) closed my journal and looked up.

BAM. There it was. A massive cloud shaped E X A C T L Y like a feather.
I still have a picture of it on an old iPhone somewhere with all the other pictures I'll never look at... maybe I'll dig it out one day…

Holy. Crap. That was too easy... What a coincidence. Weird.

I thought to myself - ok... show me another one and I'll believe. But that was waaaaay to fast. 

Later that day I went to work to see some clients and my first client walked in wearing a tee shirt with 3 white feathers on it.

Anyhoo... I still wasn't convinced. Besides I'd given the Universe 24 hours and it had only been like, 2.

The next day my husband and I took the kids out to my in-laws lake house. Our family tradition is to walk down to the beach and grab an ice cream from the little store and let the kids play in the park... 

Can you guess?

The entire beach area was C O V E R E D with so many white feathers it looked like snow. While the kids got sticky with melting ice cream, I wanted to cry...

Message received. I get it. 
And that was that. I was now an actual psychic medium. 
I mean, I was before but I didn't feel 'real' until I was receiving money for it.

So what is an 'ask hole' ?

Ask hole: A person who constantly asks you for advice, but always does the opposite of what you tell them. 

I was asking the Universe for confirmation of what my heart was pulling me towards but I was hesitating because of one thing.
Fear is a jerk.
Fear keeps us safe and sound in our little comfort zone, small and quiet. And maybe thats where we need to be sometimes but one of the biggest things I've learned from LITERALLY SPEAKING WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED.... Life is meant to be LIVED. It is beautiful and hard and messy and beautiful again and then its gone. 

So I made a new deal with the Universe... I will ask for confirmation if I REALLY need it, and I will probably do whatever it is I know in my heart I need to do. And if it turns out I made a mistake, Imma TRUST that the Universe has my BACK.

One of my favourite quotes in the interwebs lately is
"You were meant to do hard things."
                                                      -Glennon Doyle

I'm doing a lot of hard things. Writing a newsletter is a hard thing. Telling th world I'm a Medium was and still kind of is a hard thing. Explaining to my kids its ok if their friends moms don't like me 'cause I'm weird' is a hard thing. I can do hard things.

You can too.

You can ask the Universe for confirmation. You can believe or not believe when you receive that confirmation (cause you will) but remember asking for a sign is simply to validate what your heart already knows to be true.

XO Kelsey

PS - I read 24 people at that fair and never looked back! If you need help connecting with your intuition check out my classes here!


Kelsey Dalziel