CALM • CONFIDENT • CAPABLE - daily journal for over thinkers.

CALM • CONFIDENT • CAPABLE - daily journal for over thinkers.

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About the journal-

If you know me, you know that I am quite a few things including but not limited to; a busy mom of 3, a brick and mortar business owner, a Spiritual Medium and a Soul Coach.

 As you can imagine, because you’re living your own busy life, balance is an elusive myth and overwhelm is real. Although I teach intuition and meditation to my clients and students, I often find myself heading into overwhelm and into burnout zone. My mind races and tells me constant stories from the lense of fear. My whole world can feel like it’s falling apart - No food in the fridge, money in the bank, laundry in the drawers… you know - life.

But as I worked with more clients, certain teachings that came through me intuitively started repeating themselves. I started implementing these practices in my daily life and one night as I was trying to fall asleep, inspiration struck.

 What if I put my top 6 teachings into a daily practice that myself and others could use?

 And so it is! 

My intention in sharing this journal with you is to introduce a simple daily ritual that will keep you Calm, teach you Confidence and show you how Capable you are of transforming your life into one you can love fully.

This digital download includes a guided meditation, journal prompts covering gratitude practice, mindset check-ins, heart check-ins, capability statements and future tense free writing practice.

Spending 30 minutes with yourself each day with focused intention on Calming your mind, Confidence boosting exercises and dreaming about all the things you are Capable of, will change your life!


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