on mondays we create miracles

My favourite definition of a MIRACLE comes from ‘A Course In Miracles’ and is ‘a change in perception from fear into love’.

When you enter entrepreneurship you can very easily become overwhelmed with fear and doubt. When I opened my studio my intention was to create a safe and uplifting environment for heart centred entrepreneurs like myself. A central hub where we could host our clients, classes and workshops, collaborate and create a thriving community. I soon realized that not everybody was waiting for what I had created and that there is a lot more ‘competition’ in the spiritual community than I had bargained for. Soon fear began to cripple my creativity and I began to wonder (like every entrepreneur) if I’d made a massive mistake.

During a brainstorming session with a friend we came up with the concept for a weekly support meeting for heart centred /spiritual entrepreneurs that were coming into the studio ready to start their businesses but unsure of where to start. I had recently mentored with Gabby Bernstein and completed her Spirit Junkie Masterclass Levels 1 and 2 (essentially spiritual business school) and my friend was launching her business as a Business Coach - the perfect combination. I had the energetic/spiritual side covered and she thrived with all things practical.

Together we launched Miracle Monday - Business support for Soulpreneurs.

In the first few months we had some bumps and bruises (hello entrepreneurship!) but eventually we settled into a flow. We celebrate wins, encourage each other and hold space when needed. We dream big and pick each other up when we fall hard. This group has become a Monday morning essential for a tight core group and we always welcome newcomers with open arms.

If you are an entrepreneur committed to serving your audience in an integral, heart centred or spiritual way, we would love to see your face first thing on a Miracle Monday morning!

✔️Our intention is to create and hold space for soulpreneurs to celebrate wins, hold and have accountability, create collaboration opportunities and provide perspective, awareness, motivation and commUNITY.

✔️We create a safe container to bust through limiting beliefs and energy blocks, so we can stay closely aligned with our passion for serving our communities.