MIRACLE MAMAS 8 Week Group coaching online

What happens when you discover the white picket fence holds everything you ever wanted EXCEPT love, purpose, confidence or connection to YOURSELF?

The spouse, the house, the kids and the cars - everything you thought you wanted. Maybe the divorce too. Maybe the kids have grown up and moved away. I have worked 1:1 with women from all over the world, from new moms of newborns to great grandmas, all feeling the same way- lost and stuck with no sense of purpose.

At one time I was that person and I have a mission to help as many women as I can reclaim their LIFE and move from Survival Mode to THRIVAL MODE.

Develop a solid meditation practice to get you CALM

– Dig deep to discover your limiting beliefs and regain your CONFIDENCE

– Discover a whole new mindset that leaves you CAPABLE of thriving through motherhood

Week 1- Our focus is on discovering Who What When Where and Why.

Who are you under all the life thats been piled on you?

What do you have to be to transform your life?

When do you want to get started? (hint: now is the perfect time!)

Where do you want to be?

Why are you here? Not only in this group but wherever you are on

your journey.

Week 2- The focus for week 2 is all about uncovering the stories (lies) you,

your parents, society has been telling you since the day you arrived.

Week 3- This weeks focus is on calming the emotional tsunamis. Meditation

changed my life and is at the core of my

Week 4- Our focus will be on learning to see through the heart and

recognizing when the fear is guiding us.

Week 5- Boundaries. Boundaries. Boundaries.

Week 6- This week we start dreaming big. We get clear on the vision you have

for your future. This is also the week all the other weeks start to

make sense.

Week 7- This week we put our money where out mouths are! Baby step or

leap of faith, we commit and prove to ourselves we are capable of

doing great things!

Week 8- This is the week we commit to putting ourselves first and reflecting

on the past 2 months of deep self care and growth!

If you’re ready to start 2019 with a fresh heart, I’d love to be your guide!

Investment - $333

(available in 3 equal payments of $111)

This is an 8 week ONLINE group coaching format with limited spots available!

FULL Tuesday nights at 8pm from the comfort of your own home January 22rd to March 12th 2019. All calls will be recorded and available for replay although your full commitment is required.

The next online session starts Feb 20th!


This does not substitute professional counselling or psychiatric care. Kelsey Dalziel takes no responsibility for your mental health or choices. By signing up for this program you are acknowledging you have complete free will and do not hold Kelsey Dalziel responsible for your wellbeing.