An intimate evening…

Speakeasy’s were created in the 1920s as a secret spot to drink during the prohibition but the Speakeasy’s of today are small, intimate and almost impossible to find places, often with a nondescript door and little signage. At my last group reading of 2018, someone walked in the door and exclaimed “This place is like a Spiritual Speakeasy!”

The place they were referring to was my Studio, Eleven Eleven Community, in Sherwood Park AB. They were absolutely correct. You enter the studio through a back door in a parking lot that honestly leaves a lot to be desired, and find yourself in a sanctuary of sorts. A combination of fresh white walls, antique furniture and colourful accents welcome you to relax and become a part of the family.

“It was an evening full of amazing energy! We cried, we laughed, we connected to each other and to loved ones no longer with us. I left feeling full and grounded, exactly what I needed this weekend!” - R

My passion as a Spiritual Medium is creating an environment that my audience and clients can feel completely at ease in, so they can be as receptive to messages from the other side as possible. Spirit Speakeasy Events are an intimate gathering of up to 25 people, with the intention of healing through the shared experience of channeled validations and messages from your loved ones, guides and sometimes even Angels.

The energy at each event is always unique because I feel every group comes together divinely. I’ve witnessed grandpas of strangers from the same small town, a high school friend reuniting long lost classmates, even childhood friends revealing family secrets and healing lifetimes of shame- I’ve even revealed a few pregnancy’s! Every event is powerful in its own way.

“If you have the opportunity to see Kelsey in a group or individual setting, I highly encourage it. She's the most down to earth, honest, hilarious and humble soul I've ever met. She knows how to laugh at herself, has an infectious laugh and makes you feel so at ease. Trust me, do it.”

Spirit Speakeasy’s are quickly becoming requested in cities outside my own so keep and eye on my events page!